Fluorescent lamps

Information on fluorescent lighting

Fluorescent bulbs come in the form of tubes, either linear, ‘U” shaped or circular. They produce a harsh light close to daylight, although manufacturers have developed warmer versions more recently. The colour of fluorescent light is determined by the precise mix of phosphors in the coating.

Type of light – traditionally, fluorescent bulbs produce a cool and bright light that is harsh and can be flickery, although warmer versions are now available, which are much closer to tungsten and halogen.
Voltage – 240V
Lifespan – up to 8,000 hours
Colour temperature – traditionally 5,000 degrees Kelvin, although also available at lower colour temperatures of 2,000/3,000 degrees Kelvin

• A long-lasting, economical and energy efficient light source
• Fluorescent bulbs gradually fail, while tungsten bulbs suddenly burn out
• A practical choice for workshops, garages and basements

• A flickering and harsh light source, although improved designs produce a warmer light
• Poor colour rendering
• Slight delay between switching on and the light coming on
• Tendency to hum and flicker
• Not easily dimmable
• Must be disposed of carefully, as contain toxic chemicals