Childrens rooms

information about lighting a childs bedroom

The lighting needs for a child’s bedroom change as a child gets older.

In a baby’s room, a ceiling light controlled by a dimmer will provide a good general light and a small table lamp or nightlight will give enough light for late night feeds.

Safety is the main consideration for a toddlers room. Lights should be positioned so that hot fittings, cables and switches can’t be reached. Fixed lights are a good option as they can be positioned out of the way and can’t be knocked over.

As they get older, children need more task lighting for reading and homework. Many children spend time on a computer, which requires plenty of glare free ambient light. Desk lights can be used to generate direct task light and to help prevent eye strain.

There are lots of lights designed especially for children, with bright colours and cartoon characters. Read our information on children’s lights within the regulations section so you know what to look out for in terms of safety.