LED lights

LED lighting information

LED (light emitting diode) is a relatively new light source to the domestic market, which is growing in its applications almost daily. As a light source it is now comparable to an incandescent, is more efficient than a fluorescent and has the longest life span of any light source.

Type of light – a bright, clear, directional light. The beam size depends on the number of LED put together.
Lifespan – 50,000 hours (years)
Colour temperature – similar to tungsten at 2,000/3,000 degrees Kelvin

• Long life span
• Very cost effective, low voltage and low energy consumption
• Low operating temperature
• Available in a wide range of colours
• Being used to develop innovative products

• Most products don’t allow for an LED to be changed as they are wired into the circuitry
• Not good for projecting light a long distance
• Cannot be regularly dimmed, they require electronic circuitry built into the product.