Track lighting

An explanation of the different types of track lighting

There are three variations of track lighting. The two basic types are free and fixed tracks.

Free track - this is basically an extended power source, which different lights can be fitted to. The track carries current and lights are plugged in to it using a special connector. Lights can easily be moved and repositioned and a safety device protects you from touching the power source directly.

Fixed track - track is supplied with the light fittings already attached. Lights can't be repositioned on the track, but can usually be angled. This is the more common type of track lighting. Both free and fixed tracks are available in low and mains voltage form.

Barewire track - is the third type of track lighting. A pair of tensioned cables are positioned between walls or between the floor and ceiling and lights are attached. This is a low-voltage system, which means lights can be touched and moved safely when you want to reposition them.