Hallways and stairs lighting

Information about lighting your hallway and stairs

Hallway LightingHallways connect the rooms in our home. Although they’re not somewhere we spend much time, they should be light and inviting and allow us to move around our homes safely. You wouldn’t want to move from a warm and cosy living room to a cold and dark hallway.

Due to a lack of floor space, ceiling or wall lights are an obvious choice. In a larger hallway, table lights are a good way of adding mood or ambience. However, you should make sure that there’s enough space and it won’t get knocked every time someone walks past.

Halogen spots or track lights can be directed to dark corners that pendants can’t reach and can also be focused on pictures.

Floor level lighting can be an effective way of illuminating the way, particularly on stairs when you need to be careful that lighting doesn’t dazzle people as they go up and down.

A mirror can be used to reflect light and create a feeling of depth. In a large hallway or entrance, an unusual light fitting can become a feature, such as a striking chandelier.

You should make use of as much natural light as possible. Panels of glass in doors can help to open spaces up so that they flow together.

Switches should be positioned near doorways, so that you don’t have to walk through a dark area to reach them. Similarly, you should have a switch at the top and bottom of stairs.