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Through the Eyes of a Child

Lighting for Children It is well known that a child’s perception is altogether different to, and more focused than that of an adult.

Colours, shapes, general definition – all of this is more pronounced in the eyes of a child. It is not that we as adults do not perceive the images in the same way. It is just that they are no longer so pronounced. We have more important things on our minds and, subconsciously, we just take them for granted.

Children though find reassurance in the images and characters with which they are familiar. It is why we buy them clothes, artefacts, kitchen utensils and blankets featuring the cartoon characters that they like to watch on television or at the cinema.

Kids of course have highly active imaginations. When it comes to bedtime it is not always a straightforward exercise getting them to go to sleep. Shadows on the wall and unholy horrors lurking in the coat cupboard persuade them that it is safer to stay awake, which in turn means more strife for their already tired parents. Sometimes it is better to leave the light on for half an hour or so, until nature eventually takes its course and they finally drift off.

Reassuring your child at bedtime means a restful night – for everyone!

Selecting a lampshade with which the child feels comfortable and at peace can often help the process of reassurance. Take a look at this wide selection of lighting for children for some very useful ideas.

Naturally the cartoon character or superhero only appeals to the child of a certain age or temperament. When they get a little older the fictional hero is often replaced by the real thing. Sometimes it might be the Premier League footballer that our young son himself aspires to become. Possibly then football ceiling lights might prove more functional than something inspired by a cartoon.

It may seem melodramatic and overstated to place too much importance on the internal fixtures of a child’s bedroom. But emotional comfort and a sense of well-being are important to aiding restful sleep and enhancing a child’s development. If a simple lampshade can assist in some small way in improving that process than it is a very small price indeed to pay.

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