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Thinking Outside the Tub

Bathroom Accessories The purposes for which a bathroom would primarily be used are by no means manifold. The clue is in the name. One may opt for a shower, use the sink and the mirror in order to have a shave, or to comb our hair or brush our teeth. But bathrooms are for the most part there for us to have a bath or a wash in, or to use the lavatory if one is not blessed with a separate room for the purpose of.

And yet, in today’s busy world especially, there is often the need to use the time we spend in the bath doing something else besides. Many of us will take the telephone in with us, especially if we are anticipating receiving an urgent call. Even if we are relaxing we may feel the urge to take in with us a book or a magazine. Or even a nice refreshing drink.

We may also take off our jewellery and suchlike, and the challenge of finding somewhere to put it as well as our clothes can be a surprisingly irritating one. Where also do we store all the “equipment” that we need in order to receive the full benefit of the bathroom experience – shampoos, soaps, deodorants and sundry combs and brushes?

Luxury gifts for a relaxed bath time experience

Bathroom accessories are surprisingly diverse and often also imaginative, indeed sometimes even novel. From wine holders to book caddies to magazine racks, there is no end of products available to help take alleviate the inherent disadvantages of being in what is almost always by definition the most minimalist room in the property.

One inspired addition for the bathroom that doesn’t spring immediately to mind as an essential but which nonetheless performs a useful purpose is the bathtub caddy by Umbra, which enables us to read a book whilst enjoying a glass of champagne while we are enjoying a soak in the bath.

This neat little contraption expands to rest across your bath and has a space for soap as well as somewhere to rest your wine glass while you are enjoying your soak. It also boasts a useful book support that flips up and folds flat when it is not in use. Made from bamboo with metal supports, this ingenious little devise is purpose built luxury.

You would be amazed at how much space there is for storage in your still uncluttered bathroom. All that is required when all is said and done is some thinking outside the tub.

Ideas for Decorating a Bathroom

Decorating a Bathroom Decorating gives you the opportunity to place your personal stamp on every part of the home. Your taste in design is a real reflection on your personality and the way in which you live your life. Everyone has a favourite part of their home whether it be the living room, bedroom or kitchen, however for some people it can be the bathroom (but only once they’ve got it just the way they want it). Too often the bathroom is neglected for the living spaces of the home but if you give it the attention it deserves, the bathroom will become one of your favourite places to spend some time.

Bathroom decoration

You may have just moved to a new home or just considering sprucing up your tired looking bathroom, either way start by considering the important role a bathroom plays in your daily routine. Obviously it’s the place where you get clean, but it should also be somewhere to go and relax.

Think about the way you live your life. Do you shower rather than have a bath because it’s quicker? What type of bath do you have? Do you want a bathroom that is functional during the morning rush to get ready and then relaxing after a hard day’s work? Do you have children and is the bathroom kid-friendly? Once you’ve answered the practical questions you can start to think about styles.

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No drill suction pad storage

Suction pad storage If you live in rented accommodation then you will probably find that your landlord is against certain home improvements to their property. Many go as far as even preventing tenants putting up hooks to hang things in the bathroom or kitchen. In a way you can understand their reluctance as over the course of a few years any number of people could have moved in and allowing everyone to drill into smooth tiles would leave holes and cracks everywhere. There is now a solution to these problems with no drill suction pad hooks, baskets and mirrors.

This range of products can be easily installed without the need for a drill by use of a strong suction cup and are great for kitchens and bathrooms. But don’t just think they extend their practicality to those in rented property. If you live in a house or flat and don’t want permanent hooks and mirrors (or you’re just useless with a drill!), suction pad storage products provide a simple option for hanging and holding your day-to-day bathroom and kitchen essentials.

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