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The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving In the strictest sense of the word a “gift” is something that is given by one person to another without any expectation that the gesture will be reciprocated. Whilst it may be true that on certain occasions – birthdays, weddings, Christmas or other religious event – we may anticipate receiving gifts from others, the spirit of gift-giving dictates that receiving is not the object of the exercise.

A gift need not be a tangible object. It can in certain situations be any action that makes the recipient. One sometimes hears of a “gift of kindness”.

In some cultures an exchange of gifts can be an indication of mutual respect, or a gesture towards achieving social cohesion between the two or more parties involved.

Usually a gift in the form of a physical present is wrapped in such a way as to disguise its nature until the time comes for it to be opened. In Western societies this usually involves wrapping paper, often decorative. In some other societies a particular significance can be attached to the colour of the wrapping. For instance in China the colour red symbolises good luck, and the use of red wrapping paper can be interpreted as the wishing of good luck by the giver to the recipient.

It’s within our gift to give whenever we wish

Although traditionally we associate the giving of gifts with particular occasions, there is no reason why we should not demonstrate our gratitude for something, or even simply our affection, by giving a gift at any time of the year.

A gift can take the form of money, or it may be decorative such as a bunch of flowers. Alternatively it may be something practical, something that can be used around the home or garden.

Take a look at these functional magazine racks, for example. Wall mounted so that the magazines hang on strips, these are then covered creating a floating effect. This is an ideal gift for any proud homeowner who despairs of eternal clutter.

Or there are these neat spice racks, helping to keep one’s spices separated, neatly stored and always easily available.

Giving a gift is a wonderful way of showing our appreciation for another person. It takes little, and it can mean so much.

Spice racks – spice up your kitchen

Spice racks Spices are essential for the professional and amateur cook so they can create delicious meals bursting with flavour. Herbs and spices can be expensive so making sure you store them correctly is vital for prolonging their shelf-life in the kitchen. Today’s range of spice racks combine practicality and stylish design with enough storage to meet the needs of most home cooks. Here we take a look at some of the best spice racks on the market plus a list of the essential herbs and spices you should have in your kitchen.

Where to put a spice rack

Before you buy a spice rack consider where you’re going to put it as this will influence the storage system you’ll need. The best place for a spice rack is close to the area where you cook or bake so your rack could be on a work surface, wall mounted, on a shelf or in a cabinet.

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