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How to light a basement room or flat

Basement lighting If you have basement rooms in your house or you’ve just moved into a basement flat how can you improve the lighting? Basement flat lighting is difficult to get right because of so many factors that influence the type of lighting fixture you need. The common problem is a lack of natural light coming into the rooms creating a cave-like atmosphere. Then there’s the low ceilings reducing the room available for hanging lights. How do you bring light to these dark rooms?

Lighting a basement room

The first thing to address is what’s in front of your windows (assuming there are some). Window treatments should allow as much access to natural light as possible so go for pale and partially translucent curtains which can be tied back. If you don’t want curtains then go for blinds so they can be pulled up or across.

Wall coverings should ideally be light in colour so avoid dark, bold and heavy patterns. Although this might not sound appealing from design point of view, lighting will be improved and you can add interest to the walls using art or photos.

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