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Funky Door Stops For The Home

Door stops Since the door was first created we’ve found various ways to keep it open – typically with a bulky heavy object rammed against the door which is neither practical or aesthetically pleasing. What you need is a door stop that does the job it is intended for but isn’t just a chuck of wood or brick. Designers are always coming up with weird and wonderful ways to prop open a door and today we have an array of doorstops to choose from.

When was the first door stop used?

Evidence of the use of door stops has been found in 18th century England where lead bricks were all the rage to keep a door open (until someone discovered that toxins in lead were dangerous and so they swiftly stopped using them). However, it’s likely that doors were kept open with objects long before that so it’s best to assume that the door stop has been around as long as the door in one form or another.

These days we want a door stop that reflects our home or style and fortunately we can buy something a little bit better than a block of toxic metal.

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