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Light up your world

Outdoor lighting The weather is great at the moment, and there’s no better time than now to get started on all those little projects around the home. You know the ones; the odd jobs like painting the fence or relaying the paving in the patio. Your wife has been at you (or perhaps you’re the wife, itching for an excuse to get stuck into your partner) to steam clean the carpets and oil the deck – you’ve waited all winter for the weather to warm up so you can crack open those dormant tins of paint, or blow the dust off your tool box and ladder. But with warm weather also comes outdoor entertaining, and you can’t entertain outdoor with your home and castle looking like it has just emerged from hibernation, even if it has. So warm weather, odd jobs and outdoor entertaining all go hand in hand. Imagine, though, having a party in your garden with the BBQ firing, and your guests stumbling around in the dark or in poor lighting. Luckily, there is such a great range of outdoor lights these days that your outside entertaining area can now look as good as your indoor one.

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