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Vertical storage solutions for the home

Vertical storage solutions Home storage ‚ it’s one of the biggest bugbears for many homeowners and tenants. Even when you think you’ve got enough, you still need to find a home for something else. We’re a nation of hoarders and the simple answer is to de-clutter the house so storing everything you actually need will no longer be a problem. However, some houses and flats aren’t big enough to keep on adding storage systems either because rooms are too small or they are an awkward shape. If this sounds like your home then perhaps vertical storage is the way to go.

Go vertical with your home storage

There are of course a variety of solutions to home storage problems and a vast range of styles to suit most tastes. If you’re looking for luxury and elegance then polished wood furniture can accentuate the decor of your home. For modern and clean lines, contemporary storage is both stylish and practical. But what about those places in the house or flat that simply can’t accommodate the piece you want because of a lack of width to the floor space or wall? That’s where vertical storage can help.

Vertical and wall mounted storage around the home

The hallway for most of us is a cramped narrow space offering little in the way of room to hang lots of coat hooks or leave shoes lined up against the wall. The answer is these two great items. A vertical wall hanging coat hook that can hold up to 15 jackets or coats on each peg and a vertical wall mounted shoe rack which can hold up to 6 pairs of shoes.

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Designer bread bins

Designer bread bins The humble bread bin was originally made from wood and used to keep baked bread fresh for as long as possible. The bread bin fell out of favour when pre-sliced bread with preservatives was made commercially available. Sold in plastic wrapping, the bread kept fresher for longer and so bread bin sales declined. However, while bread bins went out of fashion in the US and around the world, many people in the UK still see a bread bin as an essential kitchen item particularly those who like to buy a fresh loaf from the local baker or bake their own.

Why use a bread bin

Bread has a short life span and a bread bin won’t stop bread going mouldy once it’s past its best. However, a bread bin can keep the bread in the best level of humidity to help it stay fresh and crusty for a reasonable number of days.

A bread bin also comes into its own during the warmer months when humidity can make a loaf go stale quicker. Keeping your bread in a freezer can preserve it for longer, but then it’s only good for toasting (and sometimes you just want a sandwich!).

If you’ve bought an unsliced loaf, keep it like that in the bread bin. Any fresh or baked goods should also be left in the bin with no wrapping around them as this will impede the function of the bin.

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