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Home Lighting Primer

Home Lighting How much is there to be said about lighting? It is after all a functional thing, for the purpose of brightening up a room, or an open space. Whether we are talking about indoors or outdoors, when all is said and done surely lights is lights?

And yet there are so many scenarios in which lighting not only fulfils an essential function but also contributes to the visual ambience of a room or a garden. From ceiling lights to desktop lamps, majestic chandeliers to bathroom walls, each plays a role in defining your home environment.

There are just so many ideas and options available. In the home having good light to read by is so important to effective working and making the right choice could determine just how effectively you perform. Choosing something sympathetic and comforting for children is so important if they are to sleep, read and learn in an environment in which they feel safe and content.

Throwing some light on energy conservation

Today the LED options help us to protect our environment as well as save on energy costs. Low energy bathroom downlights in particular are increasingly available. Unlike in the past, eco-friendly options these days will usually save you money as well as reduce your energy consumption.

In the living room the options are manifold. Imaginatively spaced wall and picture lights can reduce the intensity of the glare and distribute the impact, whilst the inclusion of modern or traditional floor lamps play such an important part in defining the character of the room and of the house itself. At the same time over in the dining room the inclusion of some attractive rise and fall or other pendant lights can bring about quite a transformation. Eglo Lighting has some very original and unique products to offer on both fronts.

In the bathroom the emphasis is less on adornment more or functionality, but even in here mirror and ceiling lights can be helpful in creating a feeling of comfort and cleanliness. For some ideas and inspiration the Astro Lighting range might come in particularly useful.

So much for inside the house. But it is worth remembering of course that the first impression the visitor will gain of your home is on the approach to your front door. If it is dark then your porches and posts when lit up will illuminate your garden and your front door, so it is important that they themselves add to the visual impact of the scene. If you have particular features such as a pond or decorative paving that you wish to draw attention to then some strategically placed solar lamps can certainly help do the trick.

All in all illumination comes in such a surprising array of forms and has every bit as much a role to play in saying who you are as it does in helping you to find your way around in the dark.

What’s Hot…This Autumn?

What's Hot This Autumn As the summer comes to a close and the air turns cooler, we are faced with the inevitable changing of the seasons and the onset of Autumn. But rather than looking glum, why not embrace the change and use the opportunity to restyle your home. With the darker nights looming, it’s the perfect time to brighten up your home’s interior. Autumnal colours are warm and welcoming so bring the outdoors in and create a relaxed environment in which to enjoy the new season.

Get comfy

The trend for this Autumn is comfort and texture so don’t be afraid to add variety to the fabrics in your home, particularly in the bedroom. Luxurious materials for cushions and throws will add a sophisticated look to your boudoir while textured wallpaper with colourful floral patterns is big for this season. Check out collections by Barbara Hulanicki and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen for inspiration.

Get natural

Room furniture can often be the biggest financial outlay when redesigning a room but you needn’t replace old for new. Furniture can pull a room together and all you need do is a little rearranging of existing pieces for a big impact. If you are looking for some new furniture to add to your room, this season is the time to buy natural wood pieces. Remember, autumn reveals all the natural brown colours of nature so have a look at the Furnantics collection for ideas.

Get organised

While we’re talking about natural wood pieces, you should maximise the storage in your home. Incorporating storage into the redesign of your home layout is always a good idea. More storage means more space so take advantage of the opportunity to declutter and then store away anything you don’t want in plain sight. If you’re in need of a little inspiration, take a look at some these home storage products.

Get in the mood

Finally, the loss of natural light means we’ll all be reaching for the light switch much earlier. Natural light is always preferable but you can make artificial light more attractive with some new fixtures. Keeping the wood theme going, you can create a warm and welcoming mood with some natural walnut and chrome wall lights from the Astro Lighting range.