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Top wallpaper designers – Basso & Brooke

Basso & Brooke In the next of our series on top wallpaper designers we’re taking a look at the work of Basso & Brooke. Brazilian Bruno Basso and Brit Christopher Brooke met in a London nightclub and decided to launch their own fashion label. This was back in 2003 and by 2004 they had scooped the London Fashion Fringe award which led to a production deal with Italian luxury goods manufacturer Aeffe.

Their gravity defying clothes have been compared to the work of John Galliano due to theatrical designs that incorporate wild and bold graphics. In 2008, Basso & Brooke teamed up with wallpaper manufacturer Graham & Brown to produce this great range of wallcoverings.

Basso & Brooke Designer Wallpaper

With this range of wallpaper, Basso & Brooke have attempted to make their clothing prints accessible to the interior design market and will be looking to extend this to lifestyle products such as lamps, soft furnishings and china.

Basso & Brooke have created eight prints available in 46 colour options. They have named their prints: Alphabet, Chain, Chinoise, Globe, Map, Odyssey, Pathway and Soma. All the designs are produced on clay-coat paper with a matt finish and metallic/gloss embellishments.

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