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Shelving, storage and the 6 inch nail

Shelving and storage OK, so there I was musing on the subject of shelving and storage – it was a slow day Рand my thoughts turned to how boring the majority of options available are. Sure, there are many finishes to choose from, but the basic principles remain the same.

Shelves are lengths of wood, metal or whatever, held up by brackets attached to the wall by several screws. Invisible fixings and racking systems add a touch of excitement to the deal but that is about it. Books, in particular remain destined to be shunted along endless boring rows of variations on the standard bookshelf, many never to be read again.

Garages, garden stores and workshops are festooned with the legacy of, admittedly highly satisfactory, sessions whacking 6 inch nails into any available wall space at varying heights. From these, everything from spanners to saws, spades and screwdrivers hang limply like some still life piece eulogising the pleasure & pain of DIY.

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