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Shelving ideas for the home

Designer shelving ‚ÄúA place for everything and everything in its place‚Äù – it’s a well worn phrase, the origin of which is unknown but the first printed citation was in 1827 from a text entitled ‘Neatness’. With that in mind we want to talk to you about ‘neatness’ in the home and ‘a place for everything’ so what better products to help you achieve this than shelves. Shelving can be wall-mounted, modular or free-standing but the most important thing to remember when choosing shelves for the home is that they should suit the way you live and the space you’ve got available.

Designer shelving around the home

The hallway is the main entry and exit point of the home and typically the place where you need certain items to hand as you come and go. Keys, mobile phones, post and memos all get scattered around the house but when you’re in a rush to leave you don’t want to be hunting these things down so put up a few of these mini-shelves in the hallway to keep everything in one place.

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