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Think Novel, Get Tidy

Black and Blum Most of us will from time to time have found ourselves thumbing through one of those little colour booklets containing all kind of novelty ideas and patented inventions. Typically they range from the blindingly obvious, leading one to wonder why nobody had ever thought of it before, to the downright wacky.

Nobody seems to know where the booklets appear from, but invariably there is at least one item that suggests itself to us and more often than not we finish up sending off for something and we become satisfied customers of the one drop bathroom odour neutraliser or the whistling key ring.

Of course not all good ideas need be eccentric. The modern home contains forever more gadgets – computers, plasma screen televisions, multiple mobile telephones accompanied by chargers and all the other paraphernalia that satisfies our growing need to be in permanent contact with the rest of the world, and it with us. Inevitably at some stage a casualty of our modern ways will be storage space.

Then there is the need to accommodate those amongst us who would appear unable to put down an item, often whilst our attentions are demanded elsewhere, and then remember five minutes later where it was we’d put it.

Hold the door, James

Many people today use laptop computers. How long does it sometimes take us to realise that the reason we are breaking out into a violent sweat in deepest midwinter might have something to do with the laptop situated, not unreasonably, upon our laps which is generating intense heat from its underside?

How often to we put our spectacles down, only to render ourselves incapable of finding them again? They may, more often than not, be before our very eyes, but without our glasses we just cannot see them.

How many times have we been late for an appointment because we cannot find our keys?

What is needed is a little imagination, and a range of practical products such as those designed by Bosign to help us through these mini-crises that we encounter throughout our everyday lives.

This having been said functionality need not be the only consideration when purchasing products that are useful around the house. Often they have a distinct visual appeal of their own to compliment their practical use. The James range from Black and Blum is a particularly good example, combining their intended functions as doorstops and bookends with a pleasing ornamental appeal.

There are a whole host of modest and inexpensive options out there which, when deployed imaginatively, can transform our homes and introduce some order into our homes.

Home interior products to make life easier

Home interior accessories Juggling a career, family and social life can be stressful. Trying to be all things to all people and within such a short space of time can take its toll and drain your energy levels. While we can’t help to reduce your working hours or help entertain the kids while you prepare the evening meal, we can suggest a few practical products to improve your home and make life a bit easier. Reduce your stress levels and unwind by using these simple but brilliantly designed products throughout your home.

Relax in the bath

You’ve had a tough day at work so what better way to unwind than a relaxing bath. And while you have a soak, perhaps a glass of wine and some soft lighting will help ease the tension? Great, but you’ve probably tried balancing a wine glass and candles precariously on the bath edge before with disastrous results. Don’t fret, these two products will help take the stress out of that problem:

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