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Paper or Paint?

Wall Stickers It is the eternal dilemma when moving into a new home, or whenever one decides to redecorate the house. Should one wallpaper the walls, or paint them?

The arguments in both directions are compelling. The living room is a long time lived in. If it is unattractive to look at then one either has to spend the next so many years looking at it, or else it all has to be done again. Better to get it right the first time.

Wallpaper does, of course, create an impression of luxury and comfort. Most walls, whether they be in an office or even an industrial setting, are painted. It is only in rooms that are lived in, as opposed strictly to living rooms, that walls are usually papered. The appearance of flowers or patterns rather than just plain paint does serve to emphasise the difference between the room that is relaxed in and that that is worked in. In that much at least papering does seem to have the edge.

Go beyond the edge

But it is the edge that can also be the problem. For those to whom matching up patterns to perfection from one strip to the next this can be by far the greatest challenge. Wallpapering to some is an art, but to many more is an awkward and sometimes frustrating experience. There are few who would not consider painting to be an easier, if less ornate option.

What if there was an alternative that combined the ease of painting with the decorative effect of wallpapering? Well actually there is. They are called wall stickers and for many they are becoming the logical and convenient answer to the eternal dilemma of paper or paint. Basically one paints the wall with emulsion and then applies the pattern in stand-alone form once the paint has dried. The net result is a wallpaper effect from a painter’s effort.

The wall sticker doesn’t only come in the flowers and the pretty patterns that one might associate with conventional living room wallpaper. Take a look at the Ferm Living range from Denmark and the many different options that are available.

The wall sticker solution gives the best of both worlds, and allows one some control over how where exactly in the room the decorations are placed and how densely they are applied. They present a most appealing alternative, whether to wallpaper or paint.

Weekend Decorating Challenges

Weekend Decorating We’re going to set you a few decorating challenges. Don’t panic, it’s nothing too back-breaking and shouldn’t involve anything too strenuous but it will require you to be creative with your home décor.

It doesn’t matter how much you try to do, or whether you do it this weekend or the next, so long as you attempt to transform a room (or a few rooms) over a Saturday and Sunday. Ready? Let’s begin…

The Living Room

The biggest transformation your living room can have is to change the wall colour. But instead of painting the walls, try wall decoration instead. Before you baulk at the idea, wallpaper has come on leaps and bounds and you can easily put it up in a weekend. And if you want to change it in the future, today’s wallpaper can be easily removed.

Go for a bold and interesting pattern from collections such as Mode Wallpaper or Essence Wallpaper. Try decorating just one wall with a pattern to make it the focal point. The other walls can be plain but add a bit of interest by hanging a few paintings or photos. Don’t just hang your pictures in a row, group them randomly for a gallery style display and have each picture in a different frame to create added interest.

Now before you’re done, try rearranging the furniture. Pull chairs and sofas away from the walls and position them at different angles. If you’ve a narrow space, positioning the sofa across the room diagonally can give the impression of more width.

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