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The act of sitting down

Funky Seating The act of sitting down would appear on the surface of it to be a straightforward exercise. But when comfort is the bottom line there is a surprising array of options to be found.

Let’s face it, we aren’t always sitting formerly, with straightened back, at the dinner table. Sometimes we want to lounge around a little, maybe when watching the television or even whilst enjoying some sunshine in the back garden. The saying is to “put your feet up”, is it so unreasonable to take that literally? And then of course there is the dog, to whose every desire his doting family must observantly attend.

Enter “funky seating”, a surprisingly diverse range of furniture items for our consideration. Hammocks, bean bags, foot stools – all of these provide us with different ways of sitting around and enjoying at leisure the world around us.

A Fatboy that will run and run

Probably providing one of the widest range of leisure seating options is Fatboy. Take a look here at some of the many items that are available – even for the family pet. Indoor and outdoor seating in many shapes and all sorts of colours. There can be nothing quite so relaxing as swinging between the trees in the back garden on a spacious and sturdy hammock. The extra large version has plenty of room for one, two, or even three people, is foam padded and made from a tough polyester fabric that offers the ultimate comfort.

One popular item at the moment is the Fatboy Metahlowski, a generously sized bean bag built from top quality Italian fabric and available in gold, silver, bronze and titanium versions which is so versatile it can even be used as a makeshift bed when you have visitors.

Another innovative piece of furniture is the LoJo Ball. Have a glance at this selection of products comprising foot stools which convert easily into comfy seats, each either with a patriotic or a sporting theme. The outside of the ball is made of soft faux leather whilst the interior is constructed from cord and vinyl. When it isn’t being used as a foot stool or a computer chair it even deflates and folds up into its own carrying case.

A little imagination when it comes to seating not only challenges convention but changes the rules altogether.

The modern alternative to the sofa

Bean bags

“Beanbag?” I hear you ask, “How 1970’s is that!” Well, very but as any fashionista will tell you, 70’s kitsch is THE thing darling and the new LoJo Ball takes the concept to a totally new, funky, functional and more comfortable level.

During the tail end of flower power, the original Beanbag was everywhere, cheap versions soon followed but the appeal remained undimmed. These 1st generation floor cushions were de rigueur for every teenager’s bedroom but did nothing much for long term comfort. That said, the washable covers meant that it was a parents dream and a quick cycle in the twin tub was a lot less hassle than a full on session with upholstery cleaner. Added to that, that it was a lot easier to kick into the cupboard come tidy up time than wrestling with the cast off G Plan corner unit donated by your parents.

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