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The Fatboy hammock

Fatboy hammock Before we begin to wax lyrical about the wonders of the Fatboy Hammock, let’s just ease back and look at the history of this seating marvel. Who can we thank for the hammock? Depending on which source you believe, the hammock’s design can be attributed either to the Greeks or the native inhabitants of the Amazon basin. The hammock was introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus who brought them back to Spain from the Bahamas.

Hammocks were initially a way for people of the South and Central Americas to remain off the ground while sleeping and therefore kept safe from diseases or insect, reptile and animal bites. In the late 16th century, the British Royal Navy adopted the hammock as a space-saving way for sailors to sleep on the gun decks. The swinging action was also of benefit during rough seas preventing sailors being thrown from their beds. The first hammocks were woven from bark of the ‘Hamack Tree’ hence its name.

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Garden, beach and outdoor seating/furniture

Outdoor seating When you want to spend some time in the garden, have a picnic in the park or enjoy a day at the beach, traditional seating such as deckchairs, patio furniture or plain old blankets are a bit old hat. How can you really wind down and chill out on a hot summer’s day while at the same time make a design statement. Sit back and relax as we give you some modern outdoor seating alternatives plus a few handy products for a garden party or BBQ.

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Spring cleaning – are you ready?

Fatboy hammock For many of us the Easter Bank Holiday marks the time to get outside and take control of the garden again ready for the warm summer ahead (a bit of optimism never hurt anyone!).

At the end of last summer we threw the removable contents of the garden into the shed or garage and went inside to hibernate. Now we need to unearth the garden table and chairs, the pond cleaner and array of garden tools and clutter and re-locate outside for some fresh air.

But before you’re ready to sit back and soak up some sunshine, you may need to have a bit of an external spring clean. The all-up-and-on range of garden and garage storage products can help you take control and re-organise your garage or shed. The range includes a number of practical storage products, from the hose pipe tidy to the long handled tool rack, all of which mean your garage will soon be spick and span. For the more active amongst us, there are also some great storage options for sporting equipment, from the ball tidy, to golf and bike racks.

And once you’re done you can dust off your barbeque, set up your Fatboy hammock and prepare for a relaxing time alfresco!