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A Dog Bed Is Not Just For Christmas

Fatboy Dog Bed The domestic dog is the most widely kept hunting, working and companion animal in the history of humankind despite having descended from that most fearsome of predators, the grey wolf.

In its domesticated form the dog has been used for so many purposes. Without the use of sled dogs it is likely that humans would not have been able to cross the Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia prior to the advent of suitable mechanical transport, despite it being only some fifty miles across.

Dogs have also been used, and in some cases still are used, for hunting, protecting property, rounding up sheep and other farm animals, mountain rescue, domestic and industrial security, military operations, assisting the blind or partially sighted, and various aspects of policing work including sniffing and crowd control. The greyhound of course is also popular in the racing community.

Pedigree dogs are bred and cultivated, sometimes being entered into competitions. The annual show at Crufts is famous throughout the world, and is widely considered to be the greatest event of its kind.

There’s nothing your dog won’t do to please you

More commonly though the dog is kept as a simple pet, and to many is a loyal companion they would not be without. Dog owners take their trusty pooches for walks, bathe them, pamper them, play with them and show them the same affection that they receive from their loving pets.

There seems to be little a dog will not do to please its owner. Throw a stick and it will run and retrieve it, even from a freezing pond or a river. Usually a dog will instinctively defend its owner from any threat, real or imagined, seemingly without fear for its own safety and whatever the odds.

It is because of this affection and loyalty that the dog shows towards its human companion that makes us want to look after them, to endow them with the rewards and the comforts that they most certainly deserve. We will feed them and offer them treats. The look of gratitude on their faces when presented with their reward is repayment enough for our sacrifice.

One treat we can offer our faithful friends is somewhere comfortable to sleep. Take a look at this impressive range of washable dog beds, available in a number of different sizes and colours from the manufacturer Fatboy.

It would have made a nice Christmas gift, of course, but your dog will be truly grateful for it at any time of the year. After all, a dog bed is not just for Christmas.

Now That’s An Entertainment Room!

Entertainment Room You work hard for a living so shouldn’t you have somewhere in the home to relax, unwind and have fun with family and friends. Of course you should, but a living room just doesn’t cut it – what you need is an “entertainment room”. Before you start thinking that a big sofa in front of the TV will do, we’re going to give you a few ideas that will create a space which will bring together comfort, style and entertainment.

Space, the final frontier

Evaluating the space available for your entertainment room is the first step. You can have a palatial home or a basement flat but if you don’t figure out what will go where you’re going to have problems from the get-go. If you’re thinking about a pool table, pinball machine, bar and home theatre you’re going to need a huge space to have everything available to your guests at once. If you don’t have the luxury of a big room, consider downsizing your technology wish list and buying games which can be set up as and when you need them. As a rule, make sure you’ve enough space to move around the room.

Time at the bar

No entertainment room would be complete without a bar. You don’t want to keep running to the kitchen to top up your guests drinks so install a corner bar and keep it stocked with your favourite tipples and a few bar and party accessories. If your budget won’t run to a pre-manufactured or custom-built bar, or perhaps you don’t have the room for one, you can buy fridges that are small enough so as not take up a lot of room and discreet enough not to look like a kitchen appliance.

Sit down next to me

If you need to create space in your entertainment room then buy seating that is portable. Basically, don’t stick a big sofa and armchairs in your room – go for beanbags, foot stools that double as seating, and gaming chairs. Check out the LoJo and Fatboy ranges for inspiration.

Keep it tidy

Nobody wants to spend their downtime hunting around for CDs, magazines or films to entertain themselves or their guests with so get organised and buy some music and movies storage and magazine racks so everything is to hand when you want it.

That’s entertainment!

This is the room to install that home theatre system you’ve always wanted and projectors are great because they are fitted to the wall or ceiling freeing up valuable floor space. If your budget won’t run to such tech, you can buy a flat screen TV and fit it to the wall.

However, try not to design your room around one gadget because you want to entertain your friends, family and guests in more ways than one. Offer alternative ways to pass the time with a choice of games such as pool, darts, table football or even a pinball machine.

When your room is ready to go, ring around your friends and family and start entertaining!

3 Alternative Things to Sit On For Your Home

Fatboy There’s a lot to be said for sitting down on a comfy couch, putting your feet up and stretching out to enjoy a night in front of the telly. In most homes, a three-piece suite from the local furniture superstore is sufficient to serve your living-room seating needs, but what about the rest of the house? And what happens when you need some overflow seating during visits from friends or when you throw a party? Here are three alternative things to sit on which are comfortable, versatile and look pretty cool too.


Still think of beanbags as overblown floor cushions that are made from cheap fabric and difficult to get out of? Clearly you’ve not been introduced to the Fatboy range.

Beanbags are not just extra seating options for the living room, they can be used as a sofa replacement in student digs, a chill-out chair for a teenager’s bedroom or even a spare bed when you need to put up your mate overnight. Have a couple of these funky seating options handy for impromptu parties or when you’ve more guests than your permanent seating can handle.

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