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Ideas for Decorating a Bathroom

Decorating a Bathroom Decorating gives you the opportunity to place your personal stamp on every part of the home. Your taste in design is a real reflection on your personality and the way in which you live your life. Everyone has a favourite part of their home whether it be the living room, bedroom or kitchen, however for some people it can be the bathroom (but only once they’ve got it just the way they want it). Too often the bathroom is neglected for the living spaces of the home but if you give it the attention it deserves, the bathroom will become one of your favourite places to spend some time.

Bathroom decoration

You may have just moved to a new home or just considering sprucing up your tired looking bathroom, either way start by considering the important role a bathroom plays in your daily routine. Obviously it’s the place where you get clean, but it should also be somewhere to go and relax.

Think about the way you live your life. Do you shower rather than have a bath because it’s quicker? What type of bath do you have? Do you want a bathroom that is functional during the morning rush to get ready and then relaxing after a hard day’s work? Do you have children and is the bathroom kid-friendly? Once you’ve answered the practical questions you can start to think about styles.

Bathroom design and theme

There are so many styles to choose such as contemporary, luxury, traditional or Victorian. In many respects you may have to be guided by your existing suite but even small touches here and there can transform the style of a room without the need to replace the entire bath and basin e.g. changing the taps.

However, you shouldn’t just think of your own tastes (unless you live on your own), remember to get the input from all members of the home. You may prefer floral patterns but your partner doesn’t. If your kids have their own bathroom ask them what they would like. Get everyone involved in the process and you’ll all end up happy.

Bathroom decorating ideas

Wall coverings can make a huge impact to a room. A new lick of paint can freshen things up but bathroom wallpaper will transform the space even better. Modern bathroom wallpaper is easy to apply and remove. Bathroom lighting is vital so you need to get this right. The light should be bright and directional so you can illuminate the room properly (bathroom ceiling spotlights, down lights) but versatile so you can dim the lights and relax (wall lights).

Mirrors are another necessity in the bathroom. Illuminated bathroom mirrors are a great idea so you get plenty of light where you need it most. For the man in the house, consider a shaving mirror too. Don’t forget you’ll also need some bathroom storage such as a toilet roll holder, laundry bin, shower caddy and wall hooks – these small items can really make a difference to a bathroom.

And for a bit of luxury, because after all you want to unwind in your new bathroom, consider getting warm and cosy in the bath with some candles (you can buy special bath candle holders) and a glass of your favourite wine (which can sit in a specially designed bath tub wine glass holder).

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