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Get creative with leftover wallpaper

When we buy wallpaper the general advice is to over order in case of any decorating mistakes or miscalculations as the unique batch number given to every roll of wallpaper could make it difficult to get an exact colour match if you try to buy more at a later date.

This sensible shopping tactic can mean that we‚Äôre left with a surplus of wallpaper. Equally, if you have a room with odd shaped walls, you could be end up with a selection of off cuts. In these environmentally friendly times this leftover wallpaper doesn‚Äôt have to be thrown away, but can be put to other creative uses…

  • Transform plain notebooks, folders and stationery by covering them with leftover wallpaper.
  • Create a unique notice board by covering some Sundeala board (available from a local timber merchant) with wallpaper.
  • Create unique, single use stylish place mats and place settings by simply cutting out a section larger than your tableware.
  • Wrap gifts and create matching gift tags.
  • Frame sections of wallpaper to create unique wall art or cover a blank canvas for a more modern unframed look.

If this all sounds like a bit hard work, then take your leftover rolls to a car boot sale to sell to some other creative soul!