Garonne 10 Light Rise and Fall Pendant

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Product Code: WOFIGARONNE1

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Garonne 10 light rise and fall pendant with a thick clear glass diffuser.

The light has a fitted rise and fall mechanism, which means that the height can be infinitely adjusted as desired by using the linear counter weight. There are cord grip breaks on either end of the counter weight to secure the height once set, which are necessary due to the weight of the glass used.

It’s usually possible to adjust the height by approximately a third using the rise and fall mechanism with the light as supplied. However, it’s possible to also cut the cable at the time of installation to shorten the light further. The cable is accessed through the counter weight or central bar. It’s recommended that a change such as this is made by a qualified electrician and a permanent cut would void the manufacturer’s warranty.

A thick clear glass is used, though it does have a green tinge when looked at laterally while the light is switched on. The glass on this light is 750mm long x 115mm wide.

This light requires 10 bulb(s) of the same type:
10 x G4 Capsule (Included) Max Bulb Wattage = 20W Bulb Voltage = 12V

A unique G4 lamp is used, which is half mirrored. The mirroring on the lamp bounces the heat downwards.

This product requires an input voltage of 240V.

This light fitting is suitable for installation onto a dimmer control circuit.

This product has a built-in electronic transformer. Transformers are used to step the input voltage, usually 240V, down to the voltage required by the bulb, usually 12V. Dimming products with transformers can result in the dimmer switch or the light itself buzzing. Using a compatible dimmer switch for the type of transformer will reduce this as much as possible.

This light is also available in a slightly larger 10 light version.

The Garonne range is quite similar to Wofi’s Loire range. The main difference is that the Garonne glass is straight, while the Loire glass is curved.

Product Information

Wofi Lighting
If this product is not in stock it is supplied to order. From time of receiving your order it usually takes 7 to 10 days to get stock and deliver it to you.


150 cm (approx 59.1 inches)
110 cm (approx 43.3 inches)

Lighting Specification

  • G4 G4

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