Royal VKB Self Balancing Drinks Tray

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You can hold this self-balancing black serving tray from Royal VKB in just one hand without spilling your drinks. The tray and handle is made from stainless steel and high grade plastic, and to store the tray the handle can be folded.

407mm diameter x 55mm high.

Designed for Royal VKB by Gijs Bakker.

Royal VKB offer surprising and innovatively designed products that are both smart and beautiful to use. Their products are based on Dutch thinking and always have a feature that makes your heart beat faster. With Royal VKB products, dealing with food becomes a pleasant and joyful experience that makes you feel proud of who you are and what you do. Royal VKB make food smile at you!

Product Information

Royal VKB
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40.7 cm (approx 16 inches)
5.5 cm (approx 2.2 inches)

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