Concertina Coat Rack Multi Coloured

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Concertina hat and scarf rack with multi coloured hooks. Made from steel and chrome, this extendable wall mounted rack has five multi coloured hooks on which you can hang small items such as hats, scarves and bags. The rack extends to approximately 500mm and is a perfect option for those who like cleverly designed storage products or are short on space.

The Concertina Hat and Scarf Rack is also available with black hooks.

105mm x 30mm x 200mm

The Concertina Hat and Scarf Rack is made by pt, who are part of the Present Time company.
Present Time are a Netherlands based company who travel the world in search of the latest trends to come up with their must have home accessories and gifts.

Product Information

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10.5 cm (approx 4.1 inches)
3 cm (approx 1.2 inches)

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