PO Groove Wall Mounted 36 CD Storage Rack

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Product Code: POWALL16

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Groove wall mounted stainless steel CD holder for up to 32 CD's is an artistic, sculptural design combined with the very functional. Made from stainless steel there are four sections that each hold eight CD's.

A large version that holds 72 CD's is also available, plus there's a matching DVD storage unit.

330mm high x 330mm wide.

Danish design company PO is an alternative way of thinking. Rather than locking itself into existing patters and traditions, PO finds new ways, sees new opportunities, breaks down existing barriers and builds new ones. PO is innovation which does not accept that what existed yesterday will be valid tomorrow simply because continuity must not be broken.

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33 cm (approx 13 inches)
33 cm (approx 13 inches)

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