Handbag Butler Swirl

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The Swirl handbag butler is a silver metal portable handbag hook with a printed swirl design in brown on a cream background.

The Handbag Butler is a pretty and clever way of keeping your handbag safe off the floor. The size of a key ring, it unfolds to sit on the edge of a table or desk, with your handbag hanging securely underneath and out of the way. You no longer need to leave your handbag hanging on a chair, sitting on your lap, or worse, on the dirty floor.

The handbag butler measures only 50mm in diameter when folded up, and comes in its own attractive black satin purse making it a great gift for a friend or a treat for yourself. Each hook holds up to 10kg of handbag weight.

50mm diameter

Originating in Australia Handbag Butler hooks are a fashionable and stylish folding accessory that come in a range of individual designs, catering for women of all ages. The Handbag Butler is the perfect handbag companion.

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Handbag Butler
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5 cm (approx 2 inches)

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