Mesh CD Storage Tower 5 Shelves

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Silver mesh CD tower with five shelves. Each shelf can hold up to 12 CDs, so it has storage for 60 CDs in total. The unit can be positioned either vertically or horizontally and can be left free standing or fixed to a wall. If using free standing you need to load the CDs from the bottom up. Brackets and screws are included for wall mounting.

This is a great storage basic and the neutral design would fit in most settings. A smaller mesh CD tower with space for up to 36 CDs is also available.

680mm high x 140mm wide x 140mm deep.

Design Ideas are an American company formed by a brother-sister team in 1983, with a passion for designing functional and fashion-forward accessories for the home and office.

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Design Ideas
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14 cm (approx 5.5 inches)
68 cm (approx 26.8 inches)

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