Black Cord Control Silicone Cord Tidy

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Ever wondered why your headphones can't seem to stop making out with your keys and every time you pull them out of your bag they’re a tangled mess?

The solution to headphone chaos is Cordctrl (cord control), a simple Swedish invention totally dedicated to helping you avoid the irritating phenomenon of tangled cables.

Simply wrap your headphone cord around the black Cordctrl cylinder and lock it at both ends by sliding the cord into the slots. When you want to use your pod or mp3 player, you just release the headphone cord from the slot, role it out and lock it again at a desirable length.

6.5cm long x 1.2cm diameter

Made from 100% high grade liquid injection silicone the Cordctrl works with your iPod/iPhone headphones and any other cords of similar dimensions.

Available in either black, white or limited edition purple.

The Cordctrl series is designed and produced in Sweden by control your wires AB, a development company founded by Mikael Schelin.

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1.2 cm (approx 0.5 inches)
6.5 cm (approx 2.6 inches)

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