Pack-Mate AnyLock Extra Large Freshness Bags

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Product Code: SCOTTLOCK1

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Pack-Mate AnyLock extra large food and liquid storage bags. Made from clear plastic, the set of 8 extra large Pack-Mate AnyLock freshness bags are airtight, watertight, ultra tough, re-usable, flexible and portable. Use the included sealing rods with the freshness bags to retain freshness and contain smells. The AnyLock sealing rods can also be used to re-seal open packets, such as breakfast cereals, rice, pasta and more.

This set of extra large bags is ideal for storing the bulkiest of foods such as salads, bread, joints of cooked meat.

This set includes 8 x bags and 4 x sealing rods.

Extra large bags = 320mm wide x 450mm long
Extra long sealing rods = 355mm long.

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45 cm (approx 17.7 inches)
32 cm (approx 12.6 inches)

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