Grow Bag Hider in Natural Willow

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Hide Those Ugly Grow Bags by Burgon and Ball. The Hide Those Ugly Grow Bags is a unique and clever way of instantly transforming your grow bag into a stylish planter. The natural willow and coir screens are simply placed around your grow bags to conceal them from view. They are supplied flat packed and are easy to assemble, and fit any standard size grow bag.

1000mm long x 350mm wide x 170mm deep

Burgon and Ball began by manufacturing tools in the industrial heartland of Sheffield in 1730. Today, whilst being the largest manufacturer of sheep shears in the world, they are also leaders of innovative garden tool and accessory design.

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Burgon & Ball
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17 cm (approx 6.7 inches)
100 cm (approx 39.4 inches)
35 cm (approx 13.8 inches)

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