Mesh Drawer Store Storage Set

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Use this set of five silver mesh storage boxes to keep your cupboards and drawers organised. They can be used to store and tidy all kinds of odds and ends from cosmetics and jewellery to stationery, keys and loose change - the options are endless.

A simple yet effective storage idea from American storage specialist Design Ideas.

The set includes the following sizes:
Drawer 1 - 230 long x 75 wide x 50mm deep
Drawer 2 - 305 long x 75 wide x 50mm deep
Drawer 3 - 153 long x 153 wide x 50mm deep
Drawer 4 - 305 long x 154 wide x 50mm deep
Drawer 5 - 380 long x 152 wide x 50mm deep

Design Ideas are an American company formed by a brother-sister team in 1983, with a passion for designing functional and fashion-forward accessories for the home and office.

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Design Ideas
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