Bye Bye Standby 300W Lamp Dimmer Socket

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Bye Bye Standby Lamp Dimmer Socket.

Simply plug an incandescent light into the Bye Bye Standby Smart Socket and this will enable you to create lighting moods at the touch of a button, AND save energy!

Key features:
Wireless remote control
On/Off function
Dimmer function for incandescent lights
Group control (enables multiple devices/lights to be controlled at once)
Remote works up to a range of 30 metres.
Maximum load of 300W
64 possible codes (House codes A-H and Unit codes 1-8)

Please note the range is intended for indoor use only. It should be kept away from all sources of water or moisture. It is not intended for use with any devices containing a heating element, such as an electric fire. Do not overload. Adult installation only.

The Bye Bye Standby Range has been updated for 2011. It is more cost-effective than ever and allows you to control even more devices, such as large audio-visual systems, because all smart sockets can be used with equipment using up to 3,000W (13A).

It is also now much easier to change the battery on your remote control, and the new casing on the Smart Sockets makes it easier to use the device in sockets that are mounted low to the ground or recessed into the floor (as can be the case in older buildings or purpose-built office blocks).

The new Bye Bye Standby sockets can be programmed to work with all the existing controllers, such as the Bye Bye Standby wall-mounted switch, motion sensor or remote controls. Unfortunately, the new remote control can not be used to operate previous editions of Bye Bye Standby sockets.

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