Poly Rap Blue Waste Paper Bin

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A contemporary polyrap waste paper bin with an origami inspired design. This colourful blue polyrap bin is cleverly designed so you don’t need a bin liner. Made from a single sheet of plastic, it can be quickly unfolded, wiped clean and refolded. The polyrap bin also comes in a wide selection of colours to suit any interior.

Eco credentials: No bin liner required. Single easily recyclable material. All waste material used for other products. 100% recycled packaging.

Measurements when folded as bin: 455mm high x 200mm wide.
Measurements when folded flat: 910mm long x 535mm wide.
Capacity: 6 litres

Blue Marmalade is a Scottish based company specialising in creating environmentally sound contemporary products for the home. Their guiding principal is to create and produce products that reflect its designer's passions, simplicity, fun, functionality and eco friendliness. All Blue Marmalade's products are easy to assemble and disassemble, making them not just easy to put together but also making it easy to break them down into their components at the end of their lives for recycling.

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Blue Marmalade
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45.5 cm (approx 17.9 inches)
20 cm (approx 7.9 inches)

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